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A love story by
Ashley Gray of
Long Beach, Mississippi

"Robert was an artisan and larger than life.
I've never  met anyone quite like him."


Dear Joe,
"My husband has long been a JAWS fan, as millions are.  His boat being appropriately named ‘Orca Too.’  For the occasion of his retirement from 30 years of military service and his 50th birthday, I secretly had a beach cottage in his childhood home of Long Beach, Mississippi built for him.  My husband, Scott grew up in Long Beach; however, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated his family home.  This weekend was the reveal and we dedicated our new home (across the street from his childhood home) as ‘Quint’s Cottage’ in memory of Robert Shaw’s role as his favorite shark hunter, Quint.  I wanted to share some pictures with you. Last year, Scott was deployed to Kuwait/Syria/Iraq with the Air Force and I actually bought the lot and started the build while he was out of the country!  He returned in November and I’ve been tip toeing ever since."

Ashley  Gray



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