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"I drink too much. Will you tell me one great actor who doesn't drink?" 


Robert Shaw as Sergeant Mitchem

The play is set in British Malaya in 1942, during the Battle of Malaya. The characters are a patrol of British Army soldiers; the play's events take place in an abandoned hut in the middle of the Malayan jungle. Tension rises as the patrol's radio malfunctions and a Japanese soldier stumbles upon them.

Directed by Lindsay Anderson

Written by Willis Hall

Also starring Peter O'Toole, Edward Judd, Ronald Fraser, Alfred Lynch, Bryan Pringle, David Andrews and Kenji Takaki

Venue: Royal Court Theatre, London

Opening Night: January 7th 1959

"Shaw is excellent in defining the character split between a kind heart and an unfaultering belief in duty." - The London Times


Robert Shaw as De Flores

There are two parallel plots. The main plot in Alicante ("Alligant") focuses on Beatrice-Joanna; Alonzo, to whom she is betrothed; and Alsemero, whom she loves. To rid herself of Alonzo, Beatrice makes De Flores (who secretly loves her) murder him. This, predictably, has a tragic outcome. The sub-plot in the madhouse involves Alibius and his young wife Isabella. Franciscus and Antonio are in love with her and pretend to be a madman and a fool, respectively, to see her. Lollio also wants her. This ends comically.


Directed by Tony Richardson

Written by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley

Also starring Mary Ure, John Blatchley, Alan Howard, Jeremy Brett, Robin Ray, Annette Crosbie, Robin Chapman, Derek Fuke, Basil Moss, Pauline Munro, Morris Perry, Rita Tushingham, Charles Kay, Zoe Caldwell, Norman Rossington and Peter Diguid

Venue: Royal Court Theatre, London

Opening Night: February 21st 1961

"Shaw comes off with flying colours. He rides the lightening with masterly ease." - The Stage


Robert Shaw as Aston

A house in West London.


Directed by Donald McWhinnie

Written by Harold Pinter

Produced by Roger L. StevensFrederick Brisson and Gilbert Miller

Also starring Alan Bates and Donald Pleasence

Scenic Design by Brian Currah; Lighting Design by Paul Morrison


Production Stage Manager: Fred Hebert; Stage Manager: Charles Forsythe

Press Representative: Harvey B. Sabinson

Venue: Lyceum Theatre, Broadway, New York

Dates: October 4th 1961 - February 24th 1962

Number of Previews: 0

Number of Performances: 165